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Discover an Ocean of Possibilities with Seacoast Multimedia, Inc

114px-Apple-icon3Dedication to their client’s needs and requirements has been Seacoast’s hallmark for over three decades. We are a full service production company with over thirty years of experience in video and multimedia for litigation and commercial use. Throughout the years, Seacoast has had the opportunity to work with a diverse range of clients providing cost effective creative solutions with consistently proven results. That’s why, year after year, Seacoast remains a leader in Audio/Visual technology and communications. 

We specialize in telling your story! Whether it’s in the form of a compelling presentation, a demonstrative exhibit for court or an effective ad campaign for your company, we have the experience and expertise to communicate your vision no matter what the forum. 

Our professional consultants, technicians and staff are readily available and will provide you with expert assistance in incorporating any form of media as part of your case or project.  Our team understands that every case or project is unique and requires a customized strategy.  

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Seacoast was very responsive and instrumental in suggesting to us different areas that we could improve in our presentation.

Sean Cahill, Cahill & Associates

Featured Legal Services

Trial Support


Seacoast’s trial team has been in the trenches with legal professionals for over 30 years. The assistance that we provide through the entire litigation process comes from years of working on every aspect of cases both large and small.
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Seacoast began over 30 years ago as a specialist in legal video. Over the years, Seacoast has performed countless depositions for our many legal partners in both local and distant locations.
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Accident Recreation


Seacoast combines multiple areas of expertise to offer a comprehensive and cutting edge approach to accident reconstruction. We work with lawyers, legal teams, and experts alike to produce fine quality, forensically accurate 3D animated and video accident recreations.
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Equipment Rentals


Seacoast has performed equipment installations for many cases over the years, covering every legal venue both small and large. We cater to your specific requirements making sure you get the best possible results from all of your exhibits.
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Featured Commercial Services

Broadcast Web Video

Web & Broadcast Video Production

The increasing advances of web technology, social media and mobile applications over the last couple of years have substantially boosted the use of video, playing an important role in your branding and marketing strategy.
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Green Screen


Our in house team will produce professional cinema quality keyed footage and integrate them with your desired motion graphics or VFX. Separate yourself from the competition with a professional green screen video that complements your business branding.
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3D Animation


In today’s film and commercial industry, 3D animation is becoming more prevalent. Pick any good movie or a commercial and you can find segments of CG elements.
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Motion Graphics & VFX


Seacoast’s motion graphics gives you the tools to emphasize your content and create excitement. It adds visual depth and detail to your digital design and is very useful for attracting and holding your audience’s attention.
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