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Client Testimonials

Client testimonials are a great way for you to see what others are saying about Seacoast Multimedia. Client Testimonials are unaltered and directly from our happy clients.

In countless and innumerable ways Seacoast Video has helped me present a better case to the jury. Seacoast Video gets an understanding of what the case is about. Ideas that occur to the company that might benefit the lawyer are shared and never solicited.

Milton Silverman, Esq., Law Offices of Milton Silverman

Seacoast Video is outstanding. Not just a videotape company, they really work with the attorney in putting the case together. They’ve got the legal background to see what’s important and what isn’t. Their willingness and ability to work real, real close with me results in a superior product that I, as an attorney, need.

Louisa Porter, Esq., Honorable Louisa Porter

All I can say is I wish I did videos for my website sooner!!!! I get calls each week saying “who did your videos and they sold me". I have two very personal businesses and for my clients to speak about them instead of doing just written testimonials were the best thing I could do to show my studios.
Thanks Mike and staff. I can't wait to do more.

Addie Godinho, Addie’s Personal Training Studio and AutismFITT Club

Michael Nacar and the Seacoast Multimedia team work diligently ensuring quality. With my background experience as a CPA, he strikes me as offering first-class video solutions to his clientele and quality customer service.

Jared Montoya, CPA, EA, JMMontoya CPA Tax and Accountants

When I refer attorneys to Seacoast for any kind of video needs, I do so with full confidence, knowing it’s going to reflect well on me

Vincent J. Bartolotta, Jr., Esq., Thorsnes Bartolotta McGuire

Seacoast goes the extra mile to make sure the attorney benefits from the work they produce.

Gerald L. McMahon, Esq., Seltzer Caplan McMahon Vitek

Seacoast helps me take a case from the raw elements, from the very basics, and helps me orchestrate a final package that I can work with, almost without any additional input.

David S. Casey, Jr., Esq., Casey Gerry

Seacoast works with you and your client in order to obtain superior results without unnecessary infringement into a person’s privacy.

Cynthia R. Chihak, Esq., Chihak and Associates

Seacoast was very responsive and instrumental in suggesting to us different areas that we could improve in our presentation.

Sean T. Cahill, Esq., Cahill & Associates