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Faro 3D Scanner is here!

Faro Focus 3D X330 has arrived at Seacoast Multimedia and the possibilities that this 3D laser scanner has to offer are endless. For the first time, Seacoast is able to provide the clients with the most accurate 3D data which can easily be applied in a variety of areas such as land surveying, accident reconstruction, site inspections, architecture, forensics, and many more. The purpose of …Read More

Video Can Boost Your Business

Each day we find that more and more videos are becoming prevalent by playing a big role as part of a business marketing and strategy plan. You may ask, “How can video boost my business?” Here are the top 5 Reasons: 1. Youtube is one of the biggest search engines on the internet, it reaches more adults than any cable network. 2. Placing professional videos …Read More

Video Internship Program Boost Music Video Production

For over the past four months I have had the privilege of going through the video internship program at Seacoast Multimedia located in San Diego California which resulted in a music video production.  I had originally approached Seacoast as a student at Grossmont College in the fall of 2012 when attending a multimedia class as part of a class assignment. My task had been to interview …Read More

Enhance Surveillance Videos as Key Evidence: Hoopfer v. Fry’s

March 19, 2013 Enhance Surveillance Videos as Key Evidence     When Seacoast first started over three decades ago as a full video production and multimedia support to the litigator, it was natural to be sought out by local Private Investigators, Insurance Agencies and Attorneys possessing CCTV (closed-circuit Television) black and white recordings of surveillance or “sub-rosa” videos. Many requests were made to either sharpen …Read More

Seacoast Invites You to “Perpetual Connection”

Hello and welcome to Seacoast’s blog. Yes, we have finally launched our twenty-first century bandwagon blog machine. Seacoast Multimedia Inc. has revamped its’ web site so that we can stay connected by passing along the latest information relating to our industry and receive more feedback from our readers which may include attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries, experts, court reporters, videographers and any business or individual that …Read More