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3D Animation

Animation_02Set yourself apart with 2D or 3D animation which is produced by Seacoast dedicated professionals and affordable animators.

In today’s film and commercial industry, 3D animation is becoming more prevalent. Pick any good movie or a commercial and you can find segments of CG elements. 3D graphics have become popular because they create a virtual world in three-dimensional space which is crafted with creative imagination or specific replication using polygons.

A three dimensional model is created using a set of points in 3D space which are connected by various geometric data such as lines and curved surfaces. Once the model is created, it is textured and set up within a scene. The model is then animated with keyframe (temporal or special) interpolation techniques and motion paths. 3D animated objects can be rotated and moved like real objects within the scene. Lighting is applied to give a particular look to the animation and scene and rendering converts it into a photorealistic image. Final touches are made through compositing and are rendered out separately if necessary.

Seacoast Multimedia has been producing 3d models and animations in the following areas:

  • Animation_03Medical procedures or devices
  • Commercial Advertising – Products and Services
  • Character Animations for Web or TV
  • Environment Animation – natural detailed environments
  • Industrial Animations
  • Brand Logo Animations
  • 3D Photorealistic Animations
  • Product Visualizing
  • Architectural Designs and simulations for design and function
  • Life Sciences and documentaries

Our exceptional team at Seacoast will sit down with you and discuss your ideas to effectively create a photorealistic model and environment to incorporate into your overall 3D animation. Find out how Seacoast can transform your vision into a creative and affective imagery.

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