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Laser Scanning

Seacoast’s Faro Focus 330x laser scanner has greatly improved our forensic and analytical capabilities. Having the Faro 330x scanner one can capture a massive amount of data, very efficiently, preserving a scene or object with a high level of accuracy for use in animations, surveys, reverse projection or simply for measurement purposes. Our Faro Focus 330x scanner shoots millions of measured points in addition to gathering color information for each point. A typical site scan consists of multiple scans from different positions to gather information from multiple views. These scans or “point clouds” are then registered together providing a comprehensive view of the scene at a very high level of accuracy.

Scanned data is widely used and accepted in courtrooms as an accurate method to describe a scene and has had superior results in cases that are relying on accurate visual information.

The generated point clouds can then be utilized to generate a number of valuable products for use in forensics:

  1. PointCloudVisMeasurable Data – The information received from the scan produces measurable data for the user to determine distance between points within the cloud or volume displacement in areas where it would be difficult to access.
  2. Point cloud visualizations – Using 3D animation software, we can fly a virtual camera through the scanned environment giving the viewer an accurate view of the area in question. This could, for instance, be used to demonstrate what a driver from a vehicle might have seen, which can be useful on cases regarding line of sight or obstructions.
  3. 3D animations – In taking to the next level, a 3D model of a site can be built using the point cloud as reference for a detailed and realistic recreation with an extreme level of accuracy.
  4. Webshare 2-GO – Seacoast can produce the scan data on a USB memory stick with the point cloud data and panoramic photos taking by the scanner merged seamlessly allowing for accurate measurements to be taken simply by clicking on the ruler tool, selecting the start location and then end location for the measurement. This allows legal teams and experts to access measurement data at any time in an easy to use HTML format that will run on any windows system with Adobe Flash installed.
  5. 3DAnimation2D/3D Surveys – If a Cad style document is needed, we can provide drafted surveys in different 2D and 3D formats. This includes accident surveys, site drafting, 3D line renderings of buildings/objects, crush damage profiles, etc.
  6. Reverse Projection – If you have a surveillance video or photo that shows an event taking place, Seacoast can scan the area and create a duplicate camera position in 3D space which can be utilized to gather accurate position information for vehicles/pedestrians and speed information derived from overlays between the 3D camera and the actual surveillance camera. The resulting information can be provided as a detailed report along with substantiating videos and stills.

The Focus 330x scanner is an ideal tool for indoor or outdoor applications, providing solutions for:

Accident Reconstruction Crime Scene Preservation/Analysis
As-Build Documentation Asset and Facility Management
Building Information Modeling Survey/Cad Based Inspection