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Court Reporting

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Seacoast Multimedia, Litigation and Reporting Service make it easy and simple to facilitate all your litigation support needs in-house including accurate and affordable full-service court reporting.  We understand some of the challenges that the digital age has brought to the reporting industry.  That is why we are highly regarded and dependable in delivering excellent litigation technology including the most talented and reliable Court Reporters in California.

Independently owned and operated for over 34 years, Seacoast understands the immediate needs of the attorney and litigation support staff.  Speed, quality and efficiency are important.  Our team of dedicated, professional reporters are technically trained and certified in providing same day delivery of real-time transcription, standard 10-day turnaround as well as all your case documents; all of which will meet our meticulous standards.  From calendaring, reporting to complimentary conference rooms, our staff is committed to paying great attention to the details on your scheduled deposition and case management while providing you with quick technical assistance to streamline solutions.

Our full service court reporting is just one part of our A to Z concept enabling all your support needs.  As your final one-stop litigation support shop we are your personal “go to” team and are ready to work with you throughout the entirety of the case.  With Seacoast everything is facilitated for you with our in-house Representatives, Reporters, Video Technicians and Producers.  One call, one case means one comprehensive billing – no hidden fees or costs.  Call us now for your next case!

To schedule a court reporter for your next deposition or for more information on Seacoast’s comprehensive services, contact us.

Court Reporting Services and Solutions

Real – Time Reporting

Seacoast offers real-time court reporting services where attorneys can view instantaneous transcription of testimony on Laptops, tablets and other devices at depositions and arbitrations.  At the conclusion of the deposition Seacoast can provide real-time transcripts into your hands quickly and in the desired format of your choice.


Seacoast understands the importance of accurately translating legal documents and interpreting sworn testimony. When scheduling a translator or interpreter through Seacoast, you can be confident that we use only the most qualified professionals that have years of experience and knowledge.

Streaming and Video Conferencing

Seacoast has pioneered the use of multimedia within the litigation industry.  Whether in a conference room, a doctor’s office or in the court room, we connect Lawyers and witnesses successfully all over the world with the integration of video streaming or high definition video conferencing technology.  As a full video production company, our experiences in litigation services are unsurpassed in specialized technology that is uniquely customized to fit your personal style and practice.

Advanced Litigation Technology

Seacoast will produce a smooth workflow for post-production requests following a deposition. Many of these include DVTs (synched video transcripts), a variety of video formats,  still frames as well as PDFs, TIFFs, JPEGS, ASCII’s and other associated file types.  Seacoast utilizes the state of art technology in camera equipment, software and applications; setting the pace for others to follow.

Digital Video Depositions

Seacoast provides highly-educated, exceptionally trained and seasoned professionals, setting the bar higher in HD and SD video production while working side by side with our top-notch reporters.  All our in-house technicians are trained under the CLVS guidelines and have gone through Seacoast’s stringent OJT course encompassing the mechanics and composition of a shoot required during a deposition. No other firm provides the countless hours of training, observations and supervised shoots to our technicians.  With Seacoast you are ensured the best shot during your deposition.  See Video Deposition for more.

Legal Video Services

As a full service in-house video production facility, our long history of service include a full production and editing department which delivers a wide array of legal related type of videos. This includes Day-in-the Life videos, Site Inspections, Destructive Testing, Settlement Videos, Accident Recreations, Time/Motion Studies as well as 3d Laser Scanning and Animations, Surveillance video Enhancements, Trial Graphics, Conversions and Duplications.

With Seacoast, you truly have a one stop litigation support shop.

Trial Support and Presentation Services

Having Seacoast as part of your trial support team from the beginning of your case can give you a great advantage over the others.  Your case is handled comprehensively and efficiently through the meticulous hands of our technicians and presenters.  Our Trial Support Specialists are very well-versed in the handling all your digital courtroom presentations. In addition, they also serve as your designated technician in the setup and use of our A/V equipment rentals. Having comprehensive skills in integrating, operating and diagnosing any issues that may arise during the use of audio visual equipment during the trial is essential.  This means not having to call and wait for a third party vendor to come in, saving precious time and money.

A specialist will take all your exhibits including documents, photos, graphics, and various media, load it into a TrialDirector Laptop and have it ready for use.  Our time proven methodology and approach in pre-trial preparations, document and video handling have for many trial warriors, significantly reduced processing costs while saving valuable time, energy and resources.

Conference Facilities

As a production company, where your deposition takes place is very important to us.  That is why Seacoast offers comfortable and spacious conference rooms, whatever the group size or circumstances.  Each conference room is completely furnished with the latest audio, video streaming and conferencing capabilities.  Our professional in-house technicians will handle every step in the technical process during your deposition, arbitration or meeting.  Should you have a deposition scheduled out of town, Seacoast has over the many years, established reliable affiliates that will provide conference rooms and business centers nationwide. In some instances, we can negotiate a business to business rate, passing the savings to you.  Should your next scheduled deposition is located in San Diego our in house conference rooms are available to you free of charge.

Main Conference Room & Projection Screen

Main Conference Room & Lounge

Client Conference Table & Equipment Room

Conference Room & Food Service Area

Online Repository & Transcript Production

With a quick login, litigators can have access to vital case management information and documents through Seacoast round-the-clock online repository.  Whether you have a computer, iPhone or tablet, the ease of access is simple as 1, 2 and 3, and yes, completely secure and certifiable, keeping all highly sensitive files and documents virtually under lock and key.  With Seacoast, discover an ocean of possibilities!