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Legal Video Production Services

legal video production firm for over 3 decades, Seacoast Multimedia has provided a complete and comprehensive coverage for the litigator preparing for mediation, settlement or trial. As one of the first companies to produce a day-in the-life video, a settlement video brochure, various site inspections or an accident reconstruction, Seacoast will assure that all your video needs are professionally shot in HD format and produced through high quality industry standards. We are a full service legal video production firm, which means that all of our video technicians have been educated and professionally trained in producing legal-related and commercial videos.

Our Legal Video Production services include:

  • Video Depositions
  • Day-In-The-Life Videos
  • Site Inspection Videos
  • Pre-Mediation Videos
  • IME and CME videos
  • Settlement Videos
  • Accident Reconstruction Videos
  • Focus Group/Mock Jury Presentation

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Trial-Support & legal video production by seacoast multimedia

Trial Support & Presentations

Video Depositions & legal video production by seacoast multimedia

Video Depositions

Video Production


Accident-Recreations & legal video production by seacoast multimedia

Accident Recreations

Equipment Rentals