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Accident Recreation

accident recreationSeacoast combines multiple areas of expertise to offer a comprehensive and cutting edge approach to accident recreation.

  • Cinema quality camera systems
  • Professional camera rigging
  • Laser Measuring Systems
  • Photogrammetry
  • High-end 3D Animation
  • HD video production
  • Camera Tracking and Compositing

Seacoast offers several different options for accident recreation based on individual case details and requirements. All of our projects are completed at our in-house facility and not contracted out. We work with lawyers, legal teams, and experts alike to produce fine quality, forensically accurate 3D animated and video accident recreations.

Accident Recreation motorcycle accident

On-Site Accident Recreation

Seacoast has assisted litigators and experts to recreate accidents with video for over three decades.  Using professional camera rigging and exemplar vehicles, we re-enact the accident, on-site, based on expert calculations. The re-enactment can be done at any speed, for safety, and then adjusted in post-production. We use a driver’s perspective camera with a wide angle lens for optimal field of view in addition to low optical distortion for accuracy. Any perspective can be shown from the vehicle involved in the accident, associated vehicles, pedestrian viewpoint, or an overview shot of the entire scene. This type of recreation can be helpful in cases involving line of sight, visibility, and reaction time issues.

Animated Recreation with Video or Still Photo Background

Seacoast has been incorporating 3D animation into legal recreations from its earliest inception.  Combining video with 3D animation can be an accurate, flexible, and compelling way to present the information. This method involves shooting still photos or video at the accident location for use as a background plate to animate over.  One example would be animating a 3D vehicle over a still photo of a roadway. At the accident site, we choose the
viewpoints that offer the best perspective of the accident and shoot high quality imagery for use as back plates. We then animate the incident using expert biomechanical calculations and composite the animation over the background shots. This method produces photo-realistic looks for recreation from any chosen angle of perspective in addition to being very cost effective.

Fully Animated Recreation

Accident Recreation for freeway accident Seacoast can reconstruct an entire accident utilizing data from a number of sources and convert the data to an  accurate and realistic 3D animated recreation of any accident.

Once you have the environment created, you can fly-through or position the camera anywhere in the scene, providing a great deal of flexibility through the process. We utilize several technologies for acquiring spatial data for our 3D models such as: laser scanning, photogrammetry, cad diagrams, aerial photos, and biomechanical engineering analysis to ensure extreme levels of accuracy.

Accident Recreation 3d animation

Expert Services

Seacoast has worked with a wide range of top industry experts in the 30 years we have been in business. If you need expert services, we can provide contact information and arrange meetings with experts in the various fields pertaining to accident reconstruction. We can also work closely with experts that are independently retained by council.

Scheduling and Planning

If needed, Seacoast can be the hub for project planning, coordination, and scheduling for all project needs including:

  • Conference Room
  • Video Conferencing
  • Exemplar Vehicles
  • Off-Duty Officer (ODO)
  • Operating Permits

Final Product

All of our recreations are provided in high definition mpg4 video formats on flash memory or delivered via ftp. In addition, authored hard copies on DVD can be provided for an additional charge.