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Multimedia 3D Animation

Slip and Fall

animationWhen a case involves an individual that slips or trips due to unsafe conditions, animation can be an effective tool to show not only how the accident occurred but also the forces generated relating to the fall. Seacoast works with legal professionals and biomechanical experts to re-create slip and fall events with 3D animation. We re-create the environment to exacting dimensions and detail, add-in accurately matched characters, and create realistic motion from expert biomechanical analysis.


Seacoast can assist with visuals to help explain workplace Injuries or property damages that occur either as an accident, negligence, or incompetence. Our animated demonstratives can simplify otherwise complex industrial operations, breaking them down so that your audience can understand the nature of the accident easily and without the need for lengthy explanations. Utilize Seacoast’s high quality 3D industrial animations to present a clear and precise picture.

Toxic Tort

Toxic tort cases arise from chronic exposure to toxic chemicals or materials from consumer products, the environment, in the home and at work. Seacoast can assist in demonstrating the circumstances that led to the exposure with 3D animated visuals. We can provide animations for the various types of toxic tort cases in the following areas:

  • Occupational
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Consumer Products
  • Environmental


Seacoast provides high quality medical illustration and animation to assist legal professionals in describing complex procedures and injuries sustained as a result of an accident. Often, this is incorporated into an accident recreation or other demonstratives to cover all of the issues involved with the case. This can help the jury to understand exactly how the injury occurred, the extent of the injuries, or any ongoing or permanent disabilities as a result. We work with experts in the medical, biomechanical, and legal professions to create injury graphics and animations that are both anatomically accurate and visually stunning. MRI/CT scan to 3D – We can take MRI/CT scan data or “dicom” files and turn them into an interactive 3D html document. You can open the interactive exhibit just like any web page and you can zoom and rotate interactively. Present your injury data more efficiently and clearly with 3D interactive exhibits.


For cases involving patent infringement or product failure, Seacoast creates high-end product animations and illustrations for presentation. To ensure absolute accuracy, we can convert from original SolidWorks and AutoCad design files. We can also create exact replicas of the product using photogrammetry software. When you need to show the minute differences between competing products or manufacturing errors that led to injury, let Seacoast assist you with product animations and illustration.

Architectural/Engineering Failures

Seacoast works with engineering firms and contractors to assist in presenting data for construction and design defects that led to reduced property values and additional construction costs. We can turn your engineering data into a working demonstrative covering a variety of topics including:

  • Land Settlement
  • Improper Landscaping and Irrigation
  • Structural Failure or Collapse
  • Defective Mechanical

We work with original AutoCAD engineering and design files or use photogrammetry to acquire the site data to create realistic and accurate fly-through and demonstrative animations for mediation and trial.

2D Animation/Illustrations

2D animation can be a cost-effective solution for presenting simple demonstratives in a way that is easy for the jury to understand. Seacoast’s impactful visuals can assist litigators with difficult procedural or product related explanations. We can cater the project for use in PowerPoint, Trial Presentation Software, or as a stand alone exhibit. We create animated illustrations for a variety of uses including:

  • Mechanical Processes
  • Visual Comparisons
  • Animated Timelines
  • Vehicle Travel Routes
  • Aerial Map Fly-Through

Trial Graphics

Seacoast’s graphic designers have years of experience creating custom graphics for use as trial exhibits. We can create custom exhibits or incorporate your legal documents, photos, and other supporting documents into a clear and concise presentation. From concept to presentation, Seacoast provides superior design solutions for your mediation or trial:

  • Charts
  • Graphs
  • Diagrams
  • Timelines
  • Aerial Map Overlays
  • Photo Layouts

Video Production

Seacoast supports a full in-house digital video production facility utilizing the latest and most powerful editing, compositing, and effects software. Our experienced editors routinely work with litigators to provide high quality video presentations and exhibits for mediation and trial. We offer the following services in video production:

  • Standard & High Definition A/V Editing
  • Video Capturing/Hardware Encoding
  • Custom Titling/Menus/Graphics
  • File/Format Conversions
  • Custom Disc Authoring
  • Color Correction/Enhancement
  • Audio Optimization/Noise Removal

Surveillance Video


Digital surveillance video systems have become a common utility for many institutions and can provide valuable information that can help in some circumstances to make or break a case. Seacoast’s expert video technicians work regularly with surveillance video from a wide variety of sources and can provide solutions to help with reviewing and preparing your video evidence for trial. Seacoast uses professional capture software and lossless video codecs for acquiring video at the highest quality level. Our enhancements are performed using some of the industry’s most powerful video correction software and image filtering systems. We convert the video to a high quality, compatible format that will work well with your systems and software.

Security Systems Conversion:

Surveillance videos are sometimes provided on disc as a set of files and folders produced from the manufacturer’s security system software. Seacoast can remove the hassle of reviewing surveillance video with these proprietary systems that can be difficult and frustrating to work with. Providing copies for your team, opposing council or the court won’t result in your having to provide a list of instructions for everyone that needs to review the video. We can convert your surveillance system video to high quality, compatible formats that will perfectly suit your presentation needs.

Problems with Playback:

Security systems manufacturers use their own proprietary encoding to provide a level of protection for the surveillance being generated by their systems. Seacoast often receives video that has a variety of playback problems or that won’t play at all. Our expert video technicians are skilled at working with industry specific video encoding and have had great success in resolving these issues. If you have a problematic video file that is not playing correctly, Seacoast can provide the expertise to get things up and running.

Poor Video Quality:

Seacoast utilizes some of the most powerful software for image correction, combined with years of experience working with video and still enhancements to achieve the best visual quality for your surveillance video and stills. We can correct a range of quality issues common to surveillance videos:

  • Undefined/Blurry Imagery
  • Dark or Blown-out imagery
  • Distant Object or Poorly Framed Area of Focus
  • Low Resolution/Image pixelization

Let Seacoast help you to get the best results from your surveillance video. Call for a free initial consultation and to find out more about Seacoast’s surveillance conversions and enhancements.

File/Media Conversions

The multitude of audio and video file formats in use today is overwhelming. Seacoasts multimedia technicians can convert any type of file to one that works for your application. We have the experience to guide you in choosing the file format best suited for your needs. From large scale presentations to personal projects, Seacoast can convert and produce video and audio files catered to your requirements.Preserve your taped evidence by transferring your videos to DVD. We offer conversions for:

  • Mini DV
  • DVCam
  • Betacam
  • Hi-8


With affordable pricing, quick turn-around and attention to quality, Seacoast offers duplication services for VHS, CD, DVD and audio cassette media formats. We handle everything from single to high quantity duplications. We can also create and apply your labeling.