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Video Production

Aperture of camera lensSeacoast has been a specialist in legal video production since its inception, having been among the first to incorporate the use of video technologies with legal media. Throughout the years, Seacoast has directed and produced a vast variety of legal video from high speed car chases and roller coaster camera rigs to sensitive daily life and settlement videos. Our proud history is a testament to the years of experience we have in providing video for successful litigators on some of the most influential cases of the times.

At Seacoast, we are experts in the art of legal communications, telling the story through the use of video. We have assisted with many different types of cases and Video Production projects including:

Photo02_videographyDay-In-The-Life Video Production

A Day-In-The-Life Video Production takes jurors beyond their own experience. Let the jury see, hear, and believe that the plaintiff (as well as the plaintiff’s family) is having a difficulty coping with the injury.

Day-in-the-Life videos are made with several issues in mind. A short, indirectly emotional and sensitive video is far more effective than a “poor me” video in which jurors see the plaintiff’s attorney as being manipulative. Try to show plaintiff working hard to accomplish goals no matter how small, and always end with something upbeat.

Selecting specific areas of the plaintiff’s day will keep costs down and simplify the production process.  Provide the jury with a concise ten to twenty minute video including variety in what the plaintiff is doing. The longer a juror is subjected to the same type of task; the risk is that the jury may view the plaintiff’s injuries and limitations with more acceptances.

Photo04_videographySite Inspection

Professional quality video of an accident site or construction defect brings litigation. Without a visual reference, the monotony of charts, graphs, and words can become a hindrance to communication.

In construction defect cases, video can show existing conditions, repairs of damage, and before and after views of the project. In personal injury cases, dangerous situations, liability issues, and negligence can be visually represented.

Seacoast’s most infamous site inspection involved the video documentation of every square inch of the hull of the dry docked Exxon Valdez, which was retrofitted in San Diego’s NASSCO shipyard.

Settlement Video

Settlement videos provide the court and opposing council an intimate glimpse of key case elements, and should expose with stark clarity, the facts, issues, and poignant personal tribulations which corroborate guilt, complicity, and the extent of damages for which defendants should be found liable.

Photo05aSeacoast script-writing, editing, and professional narration tie together witness testimonials, expert witness opinions, documents, photos, video, and virtually any medium into a dynamic settlement video.

In personal injury or product liability cases, this may include accurate visual documentation of your client’s daily living experiences by way of short, day-in-the-Life segments, or time/motion studies. There is no better way to put the “fear of trial” into opposing council.

We maintain a close working relationship with the attorney throughout all phases of the production process, with opportunity for creative input and collaborative work. Our methods produce successful results and most cases (on order of 90%) will not go to trial when a settlement video is presented.

Time/Motion Studies

Photo05_videographyTime/Motion studies use a control group to determine average times for specific tasks as compared to an injured person.

The only other way to show the value of lost time was to present a Day-In-The-Life video. However, this type of presentation generated no hard numbers. With a Time/Motion Study, time lost by an injured person can be calculated, quantified, and the resulting financial loss calculated.

Time studies, as used in personal injury cases, require a scenario of tasks and a control group. Since the purpose of the study is to determine a representative loss, a series of representative tasks must be established by an expert. These tasks must be familiar to the handicapped subject and to the members of the control group. They must also include a range of motions that a person uses daily.

One of the great benefits of a Time/Motion study is the presentation of the damaged plaintiff, struggling to perform everyday tasks, in the courtroom, on video, in front of the jury. Admissibility and prejudice issues are skirted because the video is presented during expert witness testimony about the scientific methods used in executing the study.

Accident/Destructive Testing

Recreating the specifics of an accident or materials failure in a controlled setting can provide a powerful tool to not only tell the story with but also to show the forces involved in an accurate and dramatic way.

Working with litigators and biomechanical experts, Seacoast documents the testing and combines the data into an informational video. We can incorporate any type of media including graphs and meter results from testing, documents containing related data, and photos of measurements or test setup operations to combine all of the information into one clear and concise format for presentation.

Photo07_VideographySeacoast’s videographers are experienced at working in a variety of testing environments from biomechanical and ballistics labs to on-site roadway facilities. Seacoast employs the latest equipment including professional lighting rigs and multiple cameras to cover all the angles from wide to close-up shots. All of our footage is shot in high definition video at movie industry quality levels. In addition, we are capable of shooting at high frame rates for stunning professional quality slow-motion footage allowing the event to been seen with extreme clarity.

Take advantage with Seacoast’s experience and professionalism in accident and destructive testing documentation and presentation.