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Video Internship Program Boost Music Video Production

For over the past four months I have had the privilege of going through the video internship program at Seacoast Multimedia located in San Diego California which resulted in a music video production.  I had originally approached Seacoast as a student at Grossmont College in the fall of 2012 when attending a multimedia class as part of a class assignment.

My task had been to interview a local multimedia company to find out how they started and what they did. After making arrangements, CEO and Director of Operations, Michael Nacar agreed to meet with me for an interview. He was gracious enough to take time to discuss what Seacoast was all about. He explained how the company had started out over 30 years ago producing multimedia and documentary style videos specifically geared for litigation purposes. He also mentioned that the commercial part of the company resulted progressively through years of shooting seminars, conferences, festivals and promotional videos. Some of the commercials that were shot in the early years were promo videos relating to Sail America, The America’s Cup Race, San Diego Thunder boat Races and other local attractions such as, The San Diego’s Museum of Man and The Cabrillo National Monument.

I understood that Seacoast had a unique niche in San Diego, combining their video capabilities with multimedia services, producing projects for various clients. I had always been interested in both fields and was fascinated by what they did and their experience in the industry. As a film student I was curious about finding a company that would be willing to take me in so that I could learn firsthand how the industry worked.

Then in about March 2013 Seacoast agreed to take me on as a film intern. I had previous professional experiences as a filmmaker and as a film student and wanted to learn from a professional production company. I knew that there was going to be some grunt work involved and perhaps learning where the coffee maker was located. You can imagine how surprised I was when Mike approached me to manage a video project. Needless to say, I jumped on his proposal without hesitation. This was an opportunity to show all that I had learned when it came to filmmaking as a director. It was also important to come up with a good idea and organize myself so that when I pitched my idea that it was interesting enough to Mike and others at Seacoast.



The proposal had been to create a music video, to design the concept, come up with the treatment and design all of the shots and sequences for the film. Mike and his associate producer, Simona Vackova, both guided me on what needed to be done for the production. It was then my task to do most of all of the preproduction as the director/production manager (treatment, storyline, sequence outline, breakdown, location scouting, casting, floor/blocking plan etc.) It is not often to find oneself driving around town scouting for locations with a CEO of a video production company. Together, we found some great places to shoot. I then coordinated with Simona and Mike on any steps for production support. They were also more than glad to provide me with the resources and equipment, such as camera lens and wardrobe rental.

After all was coordinated with the production team and music artist, Joshua Cassanova, all in about 2 ½ months I went on a mad spree to get all of my shots for post. All in all, the filming took three days, including main cast, extras and crew, such as Philip Sanchez, sound engineer, who gave a tremendous amount of time and talented effort to make the production go smoothly.

It has been an incredible journey from each moment to what is to become one of my biggest projects to date. Each step of my experience with Seacoast has been an astonishing amazingly fantastic ride. Everyone who I have run into and had the privilege of working with on this project including Dave Gifford, Director of Multimedia, and Chris Kerendian, who all have a tremendous professional background in the film industry and supported all that I have done.

It is because of their belief in my aptitude and ability that they saw in me that inspired my creativity and drive to be a great filmmaker. With their support and leadership, it is obvious to me that Seacoast is able to provide to any future intern in the film industry with the tools, experience, insight and expertise to launch them into the next level and beyond… What a great opportunity!

Frank V.V. Boss Jr

“We want to thank Frank for the kind words about Seacoast and mention he is continually working hard on finalizing the edits on the project. It is great to see new creative minds come into the field and provide them with every opportunity to run with a project from concept to publication. We at Seacoast are proud to have engaged in working with Frank and look forward to see the completed music video.”

Michael Nacar

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